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We fix negative work history on DAC Reports:

Our services include obtaining, review and clean up of professional CDL driver DAC Reports (HireRight Report). A Driver Advocate is assigned to your case and works to remove negative or false information carriers  have placed on the Employment History section of  your HireRight DAC Report.  Get the job you deserve, don’t let a bad DAC hold you back!

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  You need us if:

  • You have been denied a job because of negative job history such as company policy violation, late delivery, abandonment, orientation work history, discharges, or accidents/incidents
  • You are already a licensed commercial driver and are seeking first time or new employment as a commercial driver in any capacity
  • You have recently quit or were terminated & suspect that the carrier may have placed negative information on your DAC Report
  • You are considering attending professional driving school in order to obtain your CDL (Commercial Driver's License)

 Why DACfix.com?
  • Our Driver Advocate team has combined experience of 12+ years! We know the process for getting your record cleaned up Quickly and Easily. 
  • We understand why the weakness in DAC reporting can allow trucking companies to report inaccurate or inconsistent information on you.
  • We understand the federal laws FCRA ( Fair Credit Reporting Act) and DOT rules that Hire Right (formerly USIS Commercial Services) must comply with.
  • Your Driver advocate will work to ensure that DAC (HireRight) complies with all federal law to remove inconsistent or inaccurate information on your report
  • We win on average 70% of everything we dispute: i.e. removing company policy violations, unauthorized location, incidents under $500 in damages, changing preventable accidents to non-preventable to name a few.
  • We are the only company in the United States dedicated to disputing/clearing inaccurate information from CDL driver DAC Reports. 


As a professional CDL driver, your DAC Report directly determines whether you are hired or fired.

Get and keep the job you deserve! Let us help you. 

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